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Speaker: Pastor Tristan Sherwin

'Like the serpent whispering to Adam and Eve in the garden, false teaching was slivering into the church suggesting there was something God had hidden from them. Something more they needed, in addition to Jesus, in order to know the fullness of salvation, the knowledge of God, and God’s will for their life.

This is hogwash.

Throughout this letter—especially the first three chapters—Paul shoots this stupid idea down.

He’s quick to take their suggestive language about ‘secrets’ and ‘hidden things’ and ‘mysteries’ and ‘fullness’ and ‘invisible’ realities, and throws it back at them:

If you want to know the whole of God, the depth of who God is, the so-called "hiddenness" of God, then Jesus has revealed it all. In Jesus is the fullness of God—there’s nothing missing or lacking or moderated. In Jesus is all the treasure of wisdom and knowledge. You are complete in your union with him. You don't need to look elsewhere, you don't need to do something more (Col. 1:15, 19, 26, 27; 2:2-3, 9-10). Just keep trusting, keep plunging, keep putting your roots into Christ Jesus (Col. 2:6).'

Tristan shares his full sermon notes on his own blog. You can read them here: CHRIST | ACCESS ALL AREAS (Col 1:1-8)

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