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The 7 things that matter to us at MCC as we seek to express the centrality of Jesus Christ

At MCC, we actively engage the scriptures when we meet together, allowing them to wrestle with us as we wrestle with them. If we want to know Jesus, if we want to work out from the centrality of Jesus in our lives then, aided by the Spirit of God, and in the context of community, we are going to grapple with the Bible.

To be clear, we don’t worship a book—we worship the One this book speaks of.

We don’t seek to just read, recite and remember some verses—but through them, with Jesus as our key, we seek to understand the Scriptures and be formed by God, through the power of his Spirit, into the image-bearing likeness of the Son.

We love the Word of God, and so we actively engage in the Scriptures because they point us to Him

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