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CHRIST | WHO ARE YOU? (Col. 2:6-15)

Speaker: Pastor Tristan Sherwin

"In a way, we are all like carrots. Like orange carrots selectively bred by Dutch farmers, we all, in some way, select what is important in defining who we are and how we express who we are.

If I was to paraphrase Paul’s words in Colossians 2:6-7, I would put it this way, ‘Just as you received Jesus, keep receiving Jesus. Nourish yourself in what he has done for you. Build yourself in the identity he gives. Don’t be disturbed by the people telling you to pursue yourself elsewhere. Get established in the identity God gives you in Christ!’"

Tristan shares his sermon notes on his own blog. You can read them here: CHRIST | WHO ARE YOU? (Col. 2:6-15)

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