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VAPOUR? | PAIN & SORROW (ECc. 3:16-4:3)

Speaker: Pastor Tristan Sherwin

'What causes this sting, is, again, Qohelet’s adversary of death. For Qohelet, if death is nonexistence, and if God only steps in at some future point to put things right, then sure, that helps the people who are around then, in that future, but how does that give justice to those now, because they won’t exist then.

Qohelet just leaves us looking at the brokenness and the inhumanity and, rightly, I should add, reminds us that death is not a satisfactory answer to death.'

Tristan shares his notes on his blog. You can read them here: VAPOUR? | PAIN & SORROW (Ecc. 3:16-4:3)

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