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VAPOUR? | GOD-ish (Ecc. 5:1-20)

Speaker: Pastor Tristan Sherwin

"Yes, I don’t always feel loved. However, this does not mean that God is indifferent towards me, or you. It often reminds me that I have to say ‘Shhh’ to my doubts and fears, and open my eyes and ears to the compassionate acts of God.

In that human body, Jesus taught us that, yes, we can let our words be few in the presence of God. Our prayers needn’t be us babbling on and on and on. Not because God is indifferent, but because God benevolently cares about us, and already knows our needs before we ask him (Matt 6:5-13).[i] And out of the knowledge of that care we can pray, ‘Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.’

Prayer is so much more than a call to pursue Christ; it’s an invitation to feel his desire for us.

If you truly want to revere God, respond with boldness to his gracious invitation.'

Tristan shares his sermon notes on his own blog. You can read them here: VAPOUR? | GOD-ish (Ecc. 5:1-20)

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